iWonder Junior A+B (One Year Course) Student's Pack


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iWonder Junior A+B (One Year Course) Student's Pack

Εκδότης : Express Publishing

ISBN : 978-1-4715-7945-5

Τάξη : Junior A+B

Σειρα : iWonder Junior A+B

Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο

iWonder Junior A+B (One Year Course) Student's Pack
tudents Pack contains:
Students Book
Alphabet Book
Students CD
iWonder Junior A+B (One Year Course) brings the colour and excitement of the real world into the classroom. Pupils explore different school subjects through English, learn to be critical thinkers and develop the 21st century skills that are necessary in the modern world!
Key Features
Cross-curricular Language Learning
Captivating dialogues with engaging characters
21st Century Skills focus (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity)
Development of Social and Emotional Skills (role play, craftwork, games, stories and values)
Combination of print and digital resources
Authentic documentary-style videos and animated stories

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