Burlington Mindset B1 Student's book


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Ετός Έκδοσης2019


Burlington Mindset B1 Student's book

Εκδότης : Burlington

ISBN : 9789925302895

Τάξη : B1

Σειρα : Burlington Mindset B1

Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο

Burlington Mindset B1 is the ideal coursebook for mixed ability classes. It reinforces the mindset that all students can make progress with hard work and a positive attitude.
Growth Mindset Growth Mindset activities are designed to help students develop confidence in their ability to keep improving their English language skills
Stretch your Mind Fun activities, interesting discussion questions and brain-teasers challenge learners to stretch their cognitive abilities
Critical Thinking Challenging tasks encourage critical thinking, a crucial 21st-century life skill
Up-to-date topics engage today's teenagers
The course lays the groundwork for a variety of B2-level exams
Tailor-made documentary videos and links to YouTube add an extra dimension to the topics presented.
Student's book
12 units
topics selected for teenage learners
ideal for mixed ability classes
preparation for all B2 exams
syllabus based on the Council of Europe's Common European Framework
new vocabulary introduced in three phases throughout the unit
word building and vocabulary expansion, including collocations and expressions
skills programme prepares students for all genres on major B2 exams
challenging, fun activities specially designed to enhance lateral thinking skills
unit reviews and exam-style reviews with extra reading texts
Vocabulary Builder for extra practice in word building
clear grammar appendix

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